The new Time Timer Watch PLUS is a time management watch that enables you to visualize and maximize your time like never before.

With a clock, alarm and two Time Timer modes, it’s a totally customizable way to make every moment count on the go.

How will you use it? Here are the 20 most popular uses suggested by Time Timer fans!

At Home: new Time Timer Watch PLUS!

1. Time your workouts and beat the clock!

2. Sync up your watches as a family to stay on schedule all day

3. Save money by taking shorter showers and unplugging digital clocks

4. Complete household chores in less time

At Work:

5. Time your presentations

6. Discreetly keep meetings on track

7. Spend at least 30 minutes on each task to ensure high quality work

8. Prioritize and organize your daily projects

At School:

9. Discreetly receive extra time for tests

10. Countdown the entire school day (in custom Timer mode)

11. Take a leadership role in extra curricular activities by helping events run on time

12. Tutor a younger student and provide stress breaks every 30 minutes

Time Management Watch

In Healthcare:

13. Set the alarm to remember daily medications

14. Breathe through difficult treatments and know that they’ll be over soon

15. Get up and stretch every hour

16. Make the most of one-on-one time with your doctor (ex: I have five minutes of questions)

Time Timer Watch PLUS

Just for Kids:

17. Limit computer time

18. Beat the clock to finish your homework

19. Take a play break between chores & homework

20. Always know:
“how much longer?”


Top 20 ways you’ll use your new Time Timer Watch Plus!
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