Teachers have used Time Timers for 20 years to keep students on track and manage transitions from subject to subject. Children who grew up with the Time Timer now use it at home with amazing results!

Top 5 Reasons Moms & Dads love Time Timers:

1. “I’m not the bad guy anymore,” says a Dad. “We set the time limit together, and when time is up, time is up. We’ve eliminated fights about “five more minutes” in my house. I love it.”

2. “My son is on the Autism Spectrum, so routines are an essential part of our lives,” says a Mom. I love that we can use the Time Timer to not only keep our family on schedule, but also when we travel or when someone visits, to easily integrate new people into our schedule. All they have to do is look at the Timer.”

3. “My picky eaters clean their plates before time is up!” says a Mom.

4. “My 11-year-old uses the Time Timer at school and at home. It’s made him very conscious of how much time he spends playing video games, doing homework and creating a balanced life,” says a Dad.

5. “My children spend every weekend with their father and weekdays with me. Using the Time Timer helps us co-parent peacefully. We set time limits for activities using the Time Timer iPad app, and it creates a great sense of consistency for the kids,” says a Mom.

Top 5 Reasons Moms & Dads love Time Timers
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