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Recursos Gratuitos

  • Cuentos sobre situaciones sociales
  • Plantillas que ayudan a organizar tu die o el de los ni├▒os con el Time Timer┬«
  • Actividad para hacer en 20 minutos
  • Guia de actividades de Time Timer┬«para hacer con los ni├▒os

Social Stories

Timmy Timer’s Magic Time Timer

Introduce the Time Timer visual timer to your classroom and show them how you will be using the timer by reading the Timmy timer’s Magic Time Timer social story

I Can Wash My Hands

I Can Wash My Hands is a social story helping people understand how to properly wash hands properly in a fun and memorable way. Follow Timmy Timer through his process of washing his hands, and getting rid of germs, using the Time Timer WASH handwashing timer.

Taking Turns in Our Classroom

Taking Turns in Our Classroom is a social story to help students understand how to share and take turns in the classroom while using the Time Timer. Follow Timmy Timer through the process of setting the Time Timer to help students take turns with a toy they both want to play with.

Activity Worksheets

Morning Routines Checklist

Do you have a hard time getting your kids ready in the morning on time? This morning checklist is perfect to help them independently get ready in the morning by completing each task, and it works even better when you pair it with your Time Timer!

Science Activity

Perfect for a sunny afternoon during the week or on the weekend.
This science activity will be fun for all! All you need is some construction paper, ice cubes, and a Time Timer!

Homework Workstation Checklist

Do you have trouble keeping your kids focused on school work at home? Setting up a homework station is a great way to remotivate them and keep them focused.

Yoga Activity Cards

Taking a break to move our bodies is good for adults and kids! With these Yoga Cards you can get the whole family involved in a nice 20 minute activity break!

Time Timer Resource Guides & Lesson Plans

Handwashing Activity Guide

Time Timer partnered with Eva C. Phillips, Ed.D. to develop a comprehensive Activity guide for teachers to aid in the education of handwashing for elementary aged children. The Activity Guide contains 5 interactive activities for teachers to use with students while teaching about proper handwashing techniques and includes recording sheet and activity templates throughout. Adaptations for distance learning and in-home schooling are also noted.

Free Inquiry Lesson Plan

Here is a free inquiry lesson plan provided by Mr. Matthew Barbercheck. Matthew teaches secondary education in Michigan. Apply free inquiry lessons in your classroom easily with the lesson plan below.

Time Timer Blog

The Time Timer Blog is full of great information and resources for our customers. We have guest posts featured by professions, personal testimonials, and so much more! You can search by keywords of the topic you are interested in to narrow down the blog posts to your interests.