Business meetings! Two words guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of employees everywhere! And for good reason. Research shows you’ll attend 732 meetings this year – and 50% of that time will be wasted.

Time Timer fans do things differently:

“Having a Time Timer at home makes you appreciate time so much more,” says Dallas project manager Zoe J. “Once we bought one for my son, I realized that my teams should be more productive.”

Why use Time Timers for business meetings? These uniquely visual timers can help you:

– use meeting time productively
– invest time wisely
– stop overthinking or overworking an idea

1. Use Meeting Time More Productively

Experts have proven that every business meeting is 50% wasted time. Using Time Timer Desktop Software and apps, you can easily stop the Timer when you sense time being wasted or misused.

At the end of the meeting, look how much time is left. Use that powerful visual to show your team how much productivity time they lost.

How much time did they spend on agenda items? How much time on idle chatter? How can your team improve for next time?

2. Invest Time Wisely

“We’re not spending time, we’re investing it” says HR manager Lynn A. “I use the Time Timer to help my interns really get that through their heads.”

At home, we often use the Time Timer to set time limits – 20 minutes to finish your dinner young man, 30 minutes of TV and then it’s bedtime!

When you sit down for a business meeting, turn the tables on that concept. Instead of a time limit, use your Time Timer to give yourself time. For example: “Team, let’s invest 30 minutes in this project. Keep the ideas coming until the red is gone. Let’s make sure every quality idea is fully explored.”

3. Stop Overthinking or Overworking an Idea

Does your team struggle with this? Our brains thrive on relativity — a boring project can feel like forever after just 15 minutes, whereas a fun project might go two or three hours before you even look at the clock!

So, decide in advance exactly how much time you’re prepared to invest in a meeting. Decide which topics really matter. Then invest the time, and stop when the Time Timer runs out.

Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels often told his team:

“The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30.”

When it’s showtime for your project, be proud of the time you invested, and move onto the next big idea!

We like to know how you use Time Timer in your company. Please share your story. Thank you.

Time Timers for Business Meetings
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