Do you ever watch an old movie with your kids and think to yourself: that character needs a (cell phone, fast car, iPod?) 

When we watch these Disney movies, we think: that character needs a Time Timer!

1. The White Rabbit – Alice In Wonderland

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! Although he carried a beautiful pocket watch, the poor White Rabbit wreaked havoc with his lateness. He could have used a Time Timer Watch to:

– run the Queen’s events on schedule
– help the Mad Hatter make every moment count, celebrating very merry unbirthdays
– and be on time for his very important date!

2. Cinderella

Cinderella must be home by the stroke of midnight! She could have used a Time Timer Watch PLUS to:

– time her chores
– arrive at the Ball on time
– set a reminder to be home before her carriage turned into a pumpkin!

3. Peter Pan

Peter Pan vows he will never grow up. But playing Father to all those Lost Boys means he could have used a Time Timer to:

– time swordfighting practice
– show when it’s time for Wendy’s bedtime stories
– give the crocodile a silent timer instead of a ticking clock – so Captain Hook can’t hear him coming!

4. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins made even the most mundane chores a delight for children everywhere. While performing the famous “Step in Time” dance and minding Jane and Michael Banks, the world’s most famous English nanny could have used a Time Timer to:

– tidy up the nursery even more quickly
– time the carousel horse race!
– help George Banks spend quality time with his children

5. Cogsworth from Beauty & The Beast

In this tale as old as time, Cogsworth the Clock and all the other household appliances came to life, dancing and singing and hoping that Prince Adam – The Beast – would one day be loved. Cogsworth could have used a dancing and singing Time Timer to:

– show the kitchen staff how much time is left til the big feast!
– help the Beast calm down and take deep breaths during his rages
– be a dancing companion to Cogsworth the Clock!

Top 5 Disney characters who need a Time Timer!
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