Seven new features have appeared in the Time Timer iPhone App, giving fans of this visual timer new groundbreaking ways to manage and enjoy their time!  Time Timer iPhone App new features: display multiple visual timers

You can download the Time Timer App here.

Top New Feature

With this new update, you will be able to display up to four Time Timers at once, helping you visualize time for multiple projects, children or blocks of time simultaneously.

Check out the full new feature list below:

All New Features
1. Name and customize your Timers.
2. Save each Timer to use again.�
3. Run up to four Timers at once.�
4. View each Timer full-screen – or see up to four together on a single screen.�
5. Set by touch – or simply pick a number.�
6. Quickly pause, edit and restart your Timers.�
7. Awake Mode: make sure your iPhone doesn’t fall asleep while Timers are running!

How It Works
1. From the “My Timers” screen, press “Add Timer.”�
2. Choose a Timer Mode: Original 60 Minutes, Custom or Clock.�
3. Set the Duration, Number of Plays and Options. Save.�
4. From any screen, tap the Home icon in the upper-left corner.�
5. Select up to four Timers and press “Play Timers.”
6. Tap “Play All!”

Time Timer iPhone App: How it works!

7 New Features in Time Timer iPhone App!
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