Time Timer keeps you focused on your daily fitness routine – at home or the gym. 

It’s that time of year again! That’s right – time to make good on all those fitness goals and resolutions you made somewhere around January 1. This time every year, people everywhere are delving into a renewed focus on exercise, fitness and wellness. Even more specifically, how they want to achieve their goals. It truly can feel like an overwhelming endeavor when you’re planning an approach to exercise and just getting started. We all have so many messages thrown at us every year about “the best” workout plans, and the most reliable ways to lose weight, get stronger, lose fat, gain muscle, join a gym, buy a treadmill – the list goes on.  

But one big thing that can help make your goals to get fit a little simpler this year – focusing on the basics and what works for you. Don’t get caught up in all the noise – get back to basics. There’s so much we can’t control, but when it comes to your own fitness journey, you CAN focus on prioritizing time to exercise AND finding some great tools to help keep you focused along the way. 

Working from home? Build structured exercise time into your schedule! 

Millions of people everywhere have transitioned to working from home since the start of the COVID pandemic nearly two years ago. Many have since returned to physical office space, yet a great deal of us continue to work in our home offices – perhaps indefinitely.  

When the lines between home/office/family are blurred perhaps more than any other time in our history, focusing on time and structure can help support your success in all three areas. Not only are you more likely to complete tasks and reach daily goals, you’ll likely experience less stress each day. With some practice, staying focused and intentional will help keep wasted time at bay.   

That said, consider using a time blocking method of navigating your work day. Time Timer visual timers can help with that as you work through the day at your desk, your workout room, your kitchen, and anywhere else you spend time and want to stay on task at a glance. Visual timers can be wonderfully effective for individuals with ADHD who need extra help staying on task. 

Set the intention for each day in your planner or a physical list, and be sure you include exercise as part of the plan, if that’s your goal in 2022! Your personal goals are important and you are worthy of reserving time for self-improvement activities, including exercise. Once you set your intentions for the day, get started with general blocks of time reserved for each primary function of your day. Each hour even could represent a new task or goal. When you reach the part (or parts) of your day calling for your fitness or wellness routine, grab a great time keeping tool like a visual timer.  

Time Timer MAX edition visual timer is huge (44 x 44 cm) and perfect for any home gym setup! Place in an easily visible area of your workout area, and at a glance, Time Timer’s disappearing red disc will clearly show you how much time is left in your workout. Meeting friends for a game of hoops at the gym or local park? Bring this with you to set times for drills, games, or other motivational uses. 

Have you joined a fitness center or gym this new year? If so, that’s awesome! As you work to create workout routines and equipment rotations, be sure to keep track of your progress along the way. If you have a time segment goal for certain parts of your fitness routine, you can take Time Timer right along with you.  

When you’re ready to get back to work in your home office (or anywhere), grab Time Timer MOD for a fun, colorful take on visual time management. You’re sure to find a color you like – including this new tie-dye edition timer! No matter how you’ll use it, Time Timer offers a large range of smaller portable timers ready to take up permanent residence in your work and household space. 

Make Time for Building Exercise Into Your Day in 2022!

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