Time Timer® TWIST – 90 Minutes

The Time Timer® TWIST is the well-known Time Timer red, this Time Timer can be carried around anywhere.
And the good thing about it, is the magnetic back. Silent operating no ticking

Time Timer®TWIST is an unique 90-minute digital Timer that visually shows time counting down.
This Time Timer® has an audible alarm and a magnetic back.

The Time Timer® works on a 1-AAA battery, which is not included.

You can easily twist the Time Timer® to set it from 0-90 minutes.
The visual disk runs back till the time is up, because of this the children
know exactly when they have to stop what they’re doing at the moment.
So, there will never be any discussion about the length of activity.

For parents, this Time Timer® is also very convenient and user-friendly.
The Time Timer works without ticking.
Therefore, this Time Timer doesn’t give you any irritation.

The Time Timer is on the outside red, the same as the red disk in the well-known Time Timer, this Time Timer can be carried around everywhere.

Silent operation – no ticking.

Ref. nr. JAC5035 – Time Timer TWIST

23 mm thick and ø 85 mm