You might if you’ve recently said this:

“Honey, the dry cleaners shrunk my clothes.”

When the seasons change, and it’s time to see if you can squeeze into last year’s wardrobe, take some steps to minimize trauma, depression, or thoughts of calling 911.

Our suggestion: approach it in stages.

Stage 1: Denial. It fits fine. No worries, as long as I can avoid breathing.

Stage 2: Acceptance: It’s too tight. Must have shrunk from all the chemicals and steam used by the dry cleaners.

Stage 3: Resolution: I’ve gotta get fit before Saturday night’s block party.

Forget those oxygen pills and fat burners and cookie diets. Instead, spend your money on a Time Timer. With the Time Timer, we guarantee you’ll lose 150 pounds in three minutes. (Just kidding.)

Time Timer wristwatches help athletes and active people achieve their goals

But many fitness enthusiasts have told us that, as a sports timer, the Time Timer helps with:

  • Sticking to their regimen.
  • Building up stamina.
  • Adding a little fun: can I outlast that *#@%* red disc?

Among the helpful comments we’ve received:

  • I use my Time Timer to set goals, allocating time for various exercises, and not quitting until the red disappears.
  • My sports timer is a Time Timer Watch Plus. I’m a runner and it’s easier to read on the fly than a stop watch.

Time Timer wristwatches help this young athlete enjoy her workouts

And how about this one:

The Time Timer is an integral part of my workout gear – along with my ankle weights, toning belt, knee pads, wrist bands, iPod, electric blue Oakleys, water pak, painter’s hat, and of course, my energy bars (the double-double chocolate chip brownie is my favorite).

So will yourself to get fit and get a Time Timer. You may have to wear your elastic-waist warm-up to the symphony this Saturday night — but in a few short weeks, your cheeks will look hollow…and your friends will gasp: “Could that possibly be you in that skinny body?”

Well, OK, maybe we’ve been watching too many infomercials. Maybe it’s not quite that easy. But you’ve gotta start somewhere. And a Time Timer costs a lot less than those new miracle break-through fat-burning hyadroxalytalenatonaprotocone caplets…or a month’s subscription to the Hollywood Cookie Diet.

Seriously, try the Time Timer as a workout aid. And in your own personal battle of the bulge, let us know if you’re winning – uh, losing.

Do you need a Sports Timer?
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