Time Timer® Android App

Product Details

Time Timer is here to help.  This app is free during the COVID-19 crisis to help create structure for everyone during this time of uncertainty.  Thank you and stay well.

What happens when you can see time? Stress-free productivity. Time Timer features an iconic red disk that disappears as the seconds go by to create a fun and easy visual timer. Perfect for school, work, home or gym, it makes time make sense for everyone.

Start improving your time management skills with one simple swipe of your finger. That’s all it takes to set the length of your timer; then hit play to start the visual countdown.

Increase focus and change your life at …

  • SCHOOL – Help students see and understand the passage of time. Manage transitions successfully. Break big tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Give older students a tool to manage their workload.
  • HOME – Empower your kids to manage their routines and cut down on the constant, “How much longer?” Now they’ll see when play time is over. And know what it means when you say “10 minutes until bed time.”
  • SPECIAL NEEDS – ADHD. Autism. Learning disabilities. Senior care. Physical or occupational therapy. Dyslexia. Turn to Time Timer to ease transitions, establish routines and encourage more independence for kids and adults.
  • GYM – Clocks are boring. Stay motivated as every step on the treadmill or stair climber makes the disk disappear. Or set up repeating Timers perfect for interval training.
  • Ready to take charge of your time? Download Time Timer today.


  • Supports Google Chromebooks
  • Save and reuse Timers
  • Silent operation
  • Change colors and sounds to suit your mood or preference
  • Set repeating Timers; up to 99 consecutive Timers on a single play
  • Adjust the timer disk to represent anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours
  • Already use the original Time Timer? Default to the same red disk and 60-minute time scale
  • View the app vertically or horizontally as you change the direction of your device
  • Built with battery life in mind