Everyone knows how to make a To-Do List.  Right?


Many people just make a random list, then start working it from top to bottom.


Here’s the right way, according to the experts

– Write down all the tasks you need to complete.

– Assign a time frame to each task.

– If a task takes more than one hour, break it into components that take one hour or less.

– Assign priorities – from A to F.  A is urgent, F is not.

– If you’ve assigned the same letter to most of your tasks, then go back and assign different letters to some of the tasks.


This exercise forces you to priortize!


Now you have a plan.  Follow it.

– Tackle the A’s first.

– Use a Time Timer to manage each component of plan.

– Stick to your priorities – and the times you’ve allocated.

– Eventually, you’ll improve your ability to:

Prioritize your tasks

Set the right time frames


Biggest benefits:

– You won’t waste time on trivial tasks.

– You won’t get stressed out by a large number of unimportant jobs.

– You WILL learn to Make Every Moment Count.


Tip:  Invest in a Time Timer for your desk. It’s a faithful helper as you follow your plan.

To-Do List: How to do it!
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