Here at Time Timer, we love to celebrate National Inventors Day (February 11), a day to celebrate the global contributions of inventors and their innovations, as well as right here in Ohio with our founder and inventor of the Time TImer, Jan Rogers!  

This year is extra special as we celebrate 30 years of Time Timer, so we’re sharing more about the evolution of Time Timer and Jan’s story to help people of all ages understand the concept of time.  

We’ve come a long way at Time Timer, from the very first prototype of the original Time Timer to the innovative lineup of Time Timer products we all know today, helping people of all ages make every moment count. Let’s explore how we began. 

In 1994, Jan Rogers created the first Time Timer to help her daughter visualize the passage of time and support transitions in daily routines. Jan started with creating a solution for her youngest child – a visual timer that could “show” the passage of time – and soon realized this time management tool could help many others.  

Since then, Jan has registered over 30 patents for her work, and today Time Timer’s iconic, patented red disk helps people around the world enjoy stress-free time management at work, school and home. 

“The best part is simply to find that you have created a resource to make life a little easier for all age and ability levels.  Whether it is a life management tool or something to make life more enjoyable, there is great satisfaction in knowing that your product has made a difference.” – Jan Rogers 

Today, thanks to Jan Roger’s incredible innovations, Time Timer offers an impressive suite of products to help people of all ages manage time, wherever they may be.    

Whether you need stress-free time management at school, work, home, or on-the-go, we have visual timers featuring different sizes, durations, colors, and accessories to support your needs and preferences.  

We hope our visual timers support you in measuring and managing time more effectively for less anxiety and overwhelm, and more ease and creativity in your daily life. Thank you for being part of the Time Timer community!  

The Evolution of Time Timer: National Inventors Day 2024

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