1. First, check the batteries. We recommend quality, single-use alkaline batteries for best results. For more information about the batteries, see “How long will the batteries last in my Time Timer WASH?” and “How to Change Batteries in the Time Timer WASH”  

    Note: During battery replacement, the Time Timer WASH remembers the last setting, including sound settings and Sleep Mode, for about 40 seconds. This may make it appear that the unit is not working if batteries were replaced while it was in Sleep Mode. If this happens, simply press the top button and the unit will continue normal operation. 
  2.  Make sure that you are either holding your hand or waving slowly in front of the infrared sensor. If hands are being waved too quickly, or the hand is being held below the infrared sensor, the timer will not trigger. 
  3. If the batteries are new and charged and holding or waving the hand is not triggering the activation, the timer may have gone into “Sleep Mode” to preserve battery power. To wake the Time Timer WASH from sleep mode, simply press the top button. To learn more about how Sleep Mode works, please read “Sleep Mode.” 
  4. If these do ideas do not help, please reach out to info@robo-toys.com