Visual Timer for Kids & Adults with ADHD

The Time TimerĀ® is an innovative visual timer designed to visually represent the passage of time. It has been recognized as an effective tool for teaching time awareness to individuals with ADD/ADHD, autism, and a range of learning and behavioral disabilities. Time Timer products have gained a reputation as a reliable solution and are widely regarded as the gold standard by both professionals and individuals within these communities.

ADHD often includes chronic disorganization as one of its criteria, which can make mastering time management a challenging task. This struggle can persist from school years into adulthood and the working world.

This is where Time Timer can help. The original Time Timer was created to help children who struggled tot o understand the concept of time, but its impact didnā€™t stop there. By associating the visual of the patented red disk disappearing as time elapses with a particular task, Time Timer products can help people of all ages focus on the task at hand.

Time Timer has created a wide variety of products that can help aid in making day-to-day tasks, like homework, getting out the door, chores, and long work sessions, manageable.

Recommended ADHD Time Management Tools

Colour can have a big impact on our mood and productivity. The Time TimerĀ® MOD ā€“ Home Edition offers fun and trendy colours as well as calming neutral colours depending on what works best for you. This visual cue serves as a powerful reminder of time passing and which will help you focus and stay on task. Itā€™s a great ADHD timer for all ages. Mix and match with the Accessory Cases to create a timer that is uniquely your style.

The Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board allows you to write out your most important tasks and set a time limit to accomplish them. This is perfect for your time-to-task management or for empowering children to conquer their own schedule or routine. The Time Timer Dry Erase Board is now magnetic, for even more customizable time management.

The Time TimerĀ® MAX is an over-sized timer at 17 inches for easy viewing! Hang this timer on the wall or set on the shelf in the front of the room. Then break apart lessons, meetings, and activities into smaller segments. The Time TimerĀ® MAX has eight different durations built-in and comes with a dry erase timer face as well as colored time-blocking Set Markers. It is about making time more visual, tangible, and approachable.

All Time Timer Products

Ways that Time TimerĀ® visual timers can be used for those with ADHD

Struggling with ADHD and gettig through long periods of work or homework?

Break through with a Time Blast. A genius, more flexible version of the Pomodoro Technique, these blasts are for beating procrastination and boosting productivity. Great for kids and adults. Time blasts arenā€™t just a fun way for boosting your productivity. It turns out theyā€™re recommended by a number of experts as a good approach for tackling time management for ADHD.

External cues can help ADHD minds stay on task and prioritize

The visual nature of Time Timer visual timers provides a great external cue to stay on task. With one glance, you can see how much time is left. This gives individuals with ADHD the ability to anticipate deadlines and transitions. Setting an hour on your Time Timer visual timer gives you the ability to have a concrete understanding of how long to complete a task.

Visual time management in the classroom keeps students with and without ADHD on the same page.

Time management can be difficult in the classroom. There are many students sometimes working on things at different paces. Time Timer visual timers can help the entire classroom keep track of time. This is especially helpful for students with ADHD. Because there are so many students in the classroom the teacher has to attend to, they cannot be the constant reminder of how much time is left. The Time Timer gives the students the ability to track their own time in the classroom and anticipate future transitions.

OCD, germaphobia, and anxiety can often accompany an ADHD mind.

When it comes to staying healthy and safe, it has never been more important to wash your hands for a full 20 seconds. The Time Timer WASH  is a visual handwashing timer. Understood by all ages, this timer not only ensures clean hands, but can help curb OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), germaphobia, and general anxiety disorder associated with washing hands and pandemic anxiety.

How the Time TimerĀ® Works

how the time timer works

The Key To Empowerment.

ā€œI’ll use the Time Timer during sensory breaks where the kids might be bouncing or jumping and their eyes may not be on tiā€
– Jen Oā€™Brien, Occupational Therapist

Intuitive Assistive Technology

Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time ā€“ in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for everyone, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference.