Time Timer Originals Accessory – Extra Dry Erase Activity Cards (Set of 5)

The Dry Erase Activity Card slots into the top of the Time Timer® Original Pocket Medium or Large Time Timers Original. These Dry Erase Activity Cards allow you to write or draw the timed activity, or use tape or velcro to apply exiting pictos.

Time to Task Management:

Use the Dry Erase Activity card with the Time Timer Original  pocket for individual timed activities. The Time Timer® Small can fit 1 card across the top of the visual timer.

Ref.nr. JAC5052 – Time Timer® Dry Erase Cards set of 5

First/Then Activities: 

The Time Timer® Original Medium can fit up to 2 Dry Erase Activity Cards across the top, making it perfect for First/Then Activities and Visual Schedules. 

Create Visual Schedules:

Use 3 Dry Erase Activity Cards across the top of the Time Timer® Large to create a visual schedule or a sequence of events.

Set of 5: This accessory kit comes with 5 Dry Erase Activity Cards. 


Coated with a smooth Dry Erase Surface, write or draw on it with any Dry Erasable Marker.