Time Timer® Original Large

Time Timer has made improvements to the Time Timer Large visual timer – the largest in the Original Family!
In order to create a better product for you, your students and your family. Perfect for individual or 1 – to – 1 use.

time timer large pencils

What’s new

  • Enhanced Battery Compartment: Attached Battery Door, shallow battery tray, and spring held battery connection to support easier battery insertion and stronger connection. No more loose batteries!
  • New Frame and Lens: Internal frame has been removed, creating 16% more viewing area to allow for enhanced visibility. Clear lens has been added to prevent damage to the face and red disk.
  • 15% Bigger Red Disk: Disk increased from 17 cm in diameter to 19.5 cm in diameter.
  • New Font for Numerals: Numbers & font were changed to increase legibility from a distance.
  • Center Set Knob
  • Slot at Top for Visual Schedule Activity Cards.
  • Updated Design – softer edges, cleaner center attachment.
  • Updated Internal Mechanism for longer product life.

time timer large locker school

Ref.nr. JAC5109 – Time Timer® Original Large

time timer large disk and face comparison old and new

Disk and Face Comparison

  • Less frame, more red disk (15% bigger)
  • Enhanced visibility of numerals and hash lines

Note Clear Tab

Note clear tab.
This ensures red disk doensn’t go behind face at 0.

Back Comparison

  • More visible sound on/off switch
  • Enhanced speaker hole
  • Easier battery insertion and removal
  • Enhanced and purposeful magnet
  • Same foldable feet and included nail hole for display options
time timer large back comparison old and new timer
time timer large included dry erase card

Included Dry Erase Card

  • Dry erase card is 7,5 x 7,5 cm
  • New slot at top of product designed to work with any commercially available visual activity or PEC cards.
  • Includes 1 Dry Erase Card in every package.
  • Extra Dry Ease Cards will be sold separately. The new Time Timer® Large can fit two accross.
  • Make suggestions to print and create activities for individual needs.

Packaging & Instruction Manual

  • No more paper instruction sheet. Instructions are included on the insert that protects the product
  • 6 Ready-to-Use Activity Cards built into the back of the packaging. Simply cut out and use.
time timer large packaging and instruction manual