Coming Soon – Time Timer® MOD – Education Edition – 120 minutes

The Time Timer® MOD is now available in an extended 120-Minute version. This calming shade of purple provides two full hours of visual time representation. It helps combat procrastination and enhances concentration during longer tasks.

This discreet, soundless timer, with the option of an audible alert, is the ideal tool for keeping your extended presentations and lectures precisely on schedule. When placed on your desk or table during study or extended writing sessions, it offers a quick and effortless way to monitor the remaining time, ensuring an uninterrupted and focused workflow.

Recognizing the diverse time management requirements of individuals, this esteemed MOD timer is your ideal tool to heighten your awareness of time for all your more extended tasks and activities, such as household chores, recreational activities, test-taking, naptime, in-depth study sessions, business meetings, or even leisurely preparing your dinner.

  • Includes Free Download of Time Timer® Desktop App.
  • Soft White Silicone Case included.
  • Like all Time Timer® Products, this timer operates silently with an optional auditable alert.
  • Universal design is perfect for neurodivergence.
  • Proven effective for ADHD, Autism and other cognitive differences.