Sometimes the red disk in the Time Timer PLUS can stop moving. If this happens, follow the steps below. 

Step 1:  Always check the battery first. If your Time Timer needs a new battery, the disk will not move. Replace the battery with a high quality, name brand battery. In addition, please make sure the battery is correctly inserted into the battery compartment. 

Step 2: Ensure the clear lens that covers the face and red disk is completely snapped down. This lens must be fully snapped down and snuggly fitting for the red disk to move. (See video below.) The clear lens cover is intentionally designed to be removable. In the event the lens was to crack or break due to an accident, only the lens needs replaced rather than the entire timer. 

Step 3:  If the disk continues to not move, rotate the red disk clockwise from 0 to 60 (or the maximum duration) and keep rotating it back and forth. This will clear any dust or debris that may have become trapped under the disk. Now, rotate the disk counterclockwise until the disk is all the way back to 0.  Please note: this will cause the alarm to sound sporadically.

Step 4:  If the disk continues to not move, remove the center knob.  Use a mini-screwdriver to gently tighten the center screw found in the middle of the timer.  This ensures the disk is securely attached.  Replace the knob.  Ensure the lens is completely snapped down after completing this step.

Step 5:  If the above steps do not correct your problem, please contact us for a replacement.

Ā The video below illustratesĀ Point 2Ā in action.