Congratulations on your new Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser ! Here are some simple steps to take to get you started: 

1. Remove Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser from the package.  

2. Carefully peel off the protective sticker that covers the face of the Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser. 

3. Charge your dispenser by plugging the provided USB charging cable into the Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser unit and into a USB fitted wall plug or charging block. A solid green light above the charging port represents full charge. If the light is blinking, the unit is still charging. The WASH + Soap Dispenser should reach a full charge in about 3 hours. 

4. Fill dispenser with liquid soap by removing cap on the back of unit and filling with regular handwashing soap. Do not use foaming soap, exfoliating soap, or hand sanitizer.  

Use window on front of unit to determine fill level. Do not overfill. Replace basin cap after filled.  

5. Turn Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser unit on.  
Turn unit on and off by pushing the power button on the back of the unit. You will hear a ‚Äúker-plunk!‚ÄĚ sound to¬†indicate¬†that the unit has been turned on or off.¬†

6. Place hand under unit to dispense soap and begin use.