There are multiple ways that the WASH can be placed or mounted for use.   

  1. Set the WASH on a level surface. (see mounting option D below)
  2. Use the included suction cup to attach the WASH to a flat surface: 
    • Leave the suction cup attached to the back of the WASH and affix to a flat, smooth vertical surface. (see mounting option A below) 
    • Remove the suction cup from the back of the WASH and mount the timer on the wall using the nail hole on the back cover. (see mounting option B below) 
    • After removing the cover from the WASH, take the suction cup off of the back cover and place in the half-circle receptacle on the bottom of the WASH. Replace the back cover. This will allow the WASH to be suction cup-mounted to a flat, smooth horizontal surface, like a countertop. (see mounting option C below)