1. Place hand under sensor to activate the soap being dispensed. Timer initiates automatically when soap is dispensed. 

2. Timer initiates automatically when soap is dispensed and begins the 30 second countdown. You will see each icon display as the it times the handwashing cycle.  

  • Soap Dispensing – 3 seconds 
  • Scrub hands – 20 seconds  
  • Rinse hands and dry – 7 seconds

3. The WASH + Soap Dispenser has optional audible prompts at the start, end and transitions between steps. To turn off the transition prompts, press the sound button below the power button until the curved lines icon in the center disappears.

4. There is also optional music that plays during the 30 second countdown. To turn off the music, press the sound button below the power button until the musical note icon disappears.    

5. To turn off both the transition prompt and the music, press the sound button below the power button until both icons appear in a circle with a line through the center which indicates silent operation.  
6. To stop or start the music or transition prompt while the timer is in operation, press the sound button below the power button.  

7. To stop the timer before the end of the countdown cycle, press the power button on the back of the Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser unit.