Your Time Timer WASH may begin acting differently when the batteries begin to run low, but before the low battery indicator light turns on. Some indicators that your Time Timer WASH batteries are running low include: 

  • The pie slices begin to flicker gently, or some pie slices are less bright than¬†others¬†
  • The music plays but the pie slices don‚Äôt turn¬†on¬†
  • The music runs on after the 30 seconds is up (goes on for another round after the pie slices disappear)¬†
  • The unit goes into¬†Sleep Mode¬†unexpectedly¬†

To improve the function of your WASH, simply change all three batteries to fresh, new AA/1.5V batteries.  

If your Time Timer WASH does not turn on when new batteries are inserted, then simply hit the top button (to wake the unit from Sleep Mode) and try again.