Time Timer® School Kit Magnetic Pictograms

The Time Timer School kit becomes the most used tool for a child during his / her school career. It was never so easy to make a day break before.

The magnetic board can be attached to a desktop or any other flat surface by means of a Velcro strip. You can place the magnetic icons on the magnetic board in any order.

Specially made School Kit where you can follow a sequence or scenario as in the following example:

For an arts and crafts sequence you can use: paper, coloured pencils, black, draw, colouring, scissors, cut, glue. You can arrange the magnetic pictograms in chronological order from left to right. The arrow pictogram can be used to point and follow the steps in the illustration.

A simple and effective tool for planning your day!


One set contains:

Art. nr. JAC5066 – School Kit