The Time Timer® PLUS protects the red disk under a clear lens.
The Time Timer® PLUS has a volume adjustable end signal and closed battery compartment.
The centre dial for setting the red disk, its large digits and carry-to-go handle ensures ease of use for all ages

  • large digits
  • carry handle
  • patented red disk
  • adjustable volume (rear)
  • centre dial for setting the disk
  • closed battery compartment (rear)
  • fixed feet
  • transparent protective lens
  • various durations JAC5025 – Time Timer PLUS, black (14x18cm) JAC5030 – Time Timer PLUS, white (14x18cm) JAC5036 – Time Timer PLUS, white – 5 minutes (14x18cm) JAC5033 – Time Timer PLUS, white – 20 min. (14x18cm) JAC5034 – Time Timer PLUS, white – 120 minutes (14x18cm)